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Header Location In Php Not Working On Server


How do I get the last lines of dust into the dustpan? What specifically did Hillary Clinton say or do, to seem untrustworthy to Americans? However, I adapted it to WordPress and added the ” header( “Connection: close”);” line to get it working properly. Taxing GoFundMe Donations 5 Favorite Letters What specifically did Hillary Clinton say or do, to seem untrustworthy to Americans? have a peek at this web-site

BRobinson 2011-10-28 23:56:52 UTC #15 No didn't edit it.I will use this to look at the 'working' website and compare with 'soon to be' working website. Thanks Pekka. i added ob_start(); –michael Sep 21 '12 at 6:45 thank you man :D –michael Sep 21 '12 at 6:50 holy cow, thank you! –LyleCrumbstorm Oct 26 '15 ScallioXTX 2011-10-28 18:02:39 UTC #8 If you use the Live HTTP Headers add on for Firefox, and log in to the site, do you see the "Location: " header in the

Header Location In Php Not Working On Server

Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up header('location: ..') not working up vote 10 down vote favorite 5 (1)I'm in the process of uploading my website to a remote Skip to toolbar About WordPress About WordPress WordPress.org Documentation Support Forums Feedback Search Log In Free Trial Sign In Techdegree Tracks Library Community Support PHP Jimmy Seeber 8,196 Points over 3 First, you have the request headers and below (after the blank line) the response headers. ScallioXTX 2011-10-29 08:28:47 UTC #16 Okay.

asked 6 years ago viewed 63888 times active 4 months ago Upcoming Events 2016 Community Moderator Election ends in 6 days Blog How We Make Money at Stack Overflow: 2016 Edition Hey, what you posted in your previous post is what http headers are. Lab colleague uses cracked software. Php Header Location Redirect Not Working hibbard.eu says: July 3, 2014 at 10:45 am Hey Julia, Thanks for taking the time to comment.

if(!isset($_SESSION['user'])) { ob_start(); header("Location: https://sitename.com/login.php"); exit(); } else { // my further code } share|improve this answer answered Jan 8 '14 at 5:26 Hemi 2981311 add a comment| up vote 1 Browse other questions tagged php header or ask your own question. Torsion subgroups of hyperbolic groups are finite? share|improve this answer answered Aug 23 '10 at 5:14 Karst Lok @Karst Lok That looks like the right answer, and I've done what you've suggested.

Omar Ramírez 183 Points Omar Ramírez Omar Ramírez 183 Points over 3 years ago If your installation of MAMP does not show php errors, you may need to change a setting Php Header Not Redirecting if (check_login()) { include('admin.php'); exit(); } Or are you sending markup before that? For some reason the rest of the code of the page continues to execute after the header() method redirect. Restart MAMP.

Php Header Location Not Working On Web Server

Here's my PHP code from the contact.php file setup in the videos.

so having a blank space before the php file breaks it from running? http://trisystech.net/not-working/wp-footer-location.html Are there eighteen or twenty bars in my castle? Cheers Karl Reply alexmansfield says: September 1, 2010 at 2:19 pm You could either repeat the steps or use an if/elseif/ type structure. That did the trick. Header Location Not Working In Php

Converting orbital state vectors from one origin to another Is it possible to turn a 3d rotation matrix (4x4) into its component parts (rotation, scale, etc.)? header( "refresh:5;url=wherever.php" ); Correct me if I am wrong. This person was running everything locally in a MAMP server (Macintosh, Apache, Mysql and PHP) and everything was going swimmingly until we ran into a strange issue: PHP's header('Location: ...') wasn't working as Source http://www.computersoftwaresystems.com/lba/admin/admin_login.php POST /lba/admin/admin_login.php HTTP/1.1Host: www.computersoftwaresystems.comUser-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 5.1; rv:7.0.1) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/7.0.1Accept: text/html,application/xhtml+xml,application/xml;q=0.9,/;q=0.8Accept-Language: en-us,en;q=0.5Accept-Encoding: gzip, deflateAccept-Charset: ISO-8859-1,utf-8;q=0.7,*;q=0.7Connection: keep-aliveReferer: http://www.computersoftwaresystems.com/lba/admin/admin_login.phpCookie: __utma=158876328.1746803708.1318789239.1319821422.1319824295.9; __utmz=158876328.1318789239.1.1.utmcsr=(direct)|utmccn=(direct)|utmcmd=(none); __utmb=158876328.18.10.1319824295; PHPSESSID=5ce99389aa25becaccf139c88b2398cc; __utmc=158876328; GetResponseComWebform14260=WebformCookieContent-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencodedContent-Length: 42 HTTP/1.1 200 OKDate: Fri,

Here's what the code looks like: $error = ""; if(isset($_POST['index_choice'])){ $path_choice = isset($_POST['path']) ? $_POST['path'] : NULL; //echo $path_choice; //echo $page_inc; //nothing after this if($path_choice != null){ if($form->is_connected()){ //if($path_choice != "" Php Header Content Type Not Working Is "freak-out" an active or a passive experience? 5 Favorite Letters Axes around image Texas, USA speed ticket as a European citizen, already left the country North by North by North Why This occurs if you have echoed anything before deciding to redirect.

before the include statement.

Translation of a passage related to the crusades Arrange coins on 3x3 table from vertical to horizontal How to check if a given string is a substring of an element of My whole "Admin.php"-file had some spaces after the closing php-tag ?> down the bottom on the last row :) Easily discovered by adding... ScallioXTX 2011-10-28 18:42:06 UTC #10 It's a bit of tricky one. Php Header Function Not Working Then change “http://www.example.com/” to whatever page you want the redirect to point to.

If this issue is affecting you, here are the steps you can take to correct it. Reply joni says: October 9, 2016 at 12:04 am Thank you very much :)!! Our Company About Us Contact Us Community Treehouse Stories Student Perks Treehouse Blog Affiliate Program Careers Topics HTML CSS Design JavaScript Ruby PHP WordPress iOS Android Development Tools Business Tracks Web have a peek here I’d love to hear how you solve this little WordPress problem.

Why? Not the answer you're looking for? If so, then the initial (default) headers have been sent and the new headers cannot replace something that's already in the output buffer getting ready to be sent to the browser. When you look at the page, press CTRL + SHIFT + L , and a bar will appear at the left side of the screen Alternatively, you could go to View

A good practice would be to avoid the blank space at the beginning of the file, just to avoid future problems. JOB SUNDAY says: August 12, 2015 at 11:23 am header is not working and i have imported the files to the internet. The above code is the very first lines of the php file. Test it's working: Here's a mini script for you to copy and paste, just to check that everything is good.

The condition might not even be true. –think123 Sep 21 '12 at 6:23 1 Define "not working". Thus avoiding whitespace issues. –Ian Lewis Aug 1 '13 at 11:04 add a comment| 10 Answers 10 active oldest votes up vote 15 down vote Looks like you're echo-ing text to more stack exchange communities company blog Stack Exchange Inbox Reputation and Badges sign up log in tour help Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed Or is it?

php apache http-headers header share|improve this question edited Aug 23 '10 at 14:36 asked Aug 23 '10 at 5:05 Fortisimo 4591823 migrated from serverfault.com Aug 23 '10 at 13:19 This question Saved me, and I'm sure many others who haven't posted, hours of frustration and sanity. Works on first system not on my test system.