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Infoplist.strings Not Working


There is no need to exclude iRate files from the ARC validation process, or to convert iRate using the ARC conversion tool. Its still displaying in English: Am I doing something wrong? You may need to re-download provisioning profiles with the updated capabilities list after disabling a capability.Xcode no longer copies most entitlements from the provisioning profile into the app's code signature at share|improve this answer answered Jun 1 '14 at 8:53 Leon Qiu 13124 2 I don't know why this was down-voted (I just up-voted it). this contact form

Contribute We'll love contributions, read the contribute docs for info on how to report issues, submit ideas and submit pull requests! For example, 101000 (which would be the value for 10.10.0 or 10.10.4), or 80000 (which would be the value for 8.0 or 8.3).SDK_VERSION_MINOR: Single integer representing the minor version of the Use .xliff file. Wait a moment… If you followed so far, build your app.

Infoplist.strings Not Working

A value of zero means the app will remind the user next launch. English.lproj/ Localizable.strings [file contents] "Dawn" = "Dawn"; "Sunrise" = "Sunrise"; "Sunset" = "Sunset"; "Dusk" = "Dusk"; French.lproj/ Localizable.strings [file contents] "Dawn" = "Aube"; "Sunrise" = "Lever"; "Sunset" = "Coucher"; "Dusk" = You can see it’s like a xml file. has been fixed.

If the issue occurs, restart both Xcode and the simulator application(s). (25338888) - updatedView debugging can fail when auto layout is not used due to an unhandled assertion in an underlying We end up having to do this manually, which is tedious and error-prone. The checks to detect misuse of Objective-C generics are now enabled by default. Nslocationwheninuseusagedescription Ios 9 Contact Us Use the form below to contact us!

This can lead to problems. Nslocationwheninuseusagedescription Info.plist Example It has some significant advantages: only one nib vs one per language, only strings files for translators. Introduces new attributes ns_consumed and cf_consumed to educate the Objective-C retain/release checker about methods/functions that decrement the reference count of a parameter. And the entire system’s language will be changed.

In these cases, you should prefer using Framework Search Paths alone. (23341162)Note:This invalid configuration may be generated by external systems, such as CocoaPods.GeneralA protocol method implementation no longer inherits the protocol Nslocationwheninuseusagedescription Example checker-276 built: February 19, 2014
download: checker-276.tar.bz2 highlights: Includes about 9 months of change to Clang itself (improved C++11/14 support, etc.) More precise modeling of Objective-C properties, which enables the analyzer I think the best solution is to not put in any text directly in the NSTextViews in the xibs. I've also knocked up a small java app to automatically generate files for each language that contain only those strings from Localizable.strings that haven't yet been translated.

Nslocationwheninuseusagedescription Info.plist Example

Better support for projects using ARC. Now create ‘InfoPlist.strings’ and did same settings as ‘Localizable.strings’. Infoplist.strings Not Working To use this feature, set XCPlaygroundPage.liveView to your view controller of choice. Ios Localization Not Working For example:aContainer = aContainer.sort { (a: Element, b: Element) -> Bool in ...}(23081349)Xcode 7.1 Release NotesNew FeaturesPlaygroundsPlaygrounds support dragging files, images, and colors directly into the editor to create object literals.

What do you mean by hard-coded keys? weblink Of course! The project could be downloaded here. Tap-enabled UITableView section headers (and footers) C4[3]: Each decision is an opportunity to fuck up RSS Google Youdao Xian Guo Zhua Xia My Yahoo! Nslocationwheninuseusagedescription Localization

Contact GitHub API Training Shop Blog About © 2016 GitHub, Inc. It's true that you have to leave extra space for some languages (German, I'm looking in your direction), but it usually still looks fine in the more conservatively-lengthed languages. Advanced Example The advanced example demonstrates how you might implement a completely bespoke iRate interface. navigate here This defaults to 1 day. @property (nonatomic, copy) NSString *messageTitle; The title displayed for the rating prompt. @property (nonatomic, copy) NSString *message; The rating prompt message.

Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity. The File Info.plist Couldn't Be Opened Because There Is No Such File. Localization Go to Edit Scheme -> Run -> Options, change language here. Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up How to localise a string inside the iOS info.plist file?

Your translator(s) will do a great job with them, and you can easily diff the results in your own version control system when the translations come back.

Beside really test the app with different language, you can also use ‘Double-Length Pseudolanguage‘. At this stage, there will only be a single file: the app’s interface, stored in MainMenu.xib. If the Siri Remote immediately pairs with the Apple TV again, move further away and repeat this process. (22908351)When you download an iOS simulator from the Downloads preference pane in Xcode, Ios Localization Not Working On Device Valid XHTML 1.1 and CSS 3.

checker-263 built: March 22, 2012 highlights: Fixes several serious bugs with inter-procedural analysis, including a case where retain/releases would be "double-counted". Significant performance optimizations to reduce memory usage of the analyzer. How only change the language for the app? his comment is here Developers should use Automatic Reference Counting (ARC) or manual retain/release for memory management instead.Apple private frameworks have been removed from the iOS, watchOS, and tvOS SDKs.If your app fails to link,

Add this string in Base version of ‘InfoPlist.strings’:12/* App Name */"CFBundleDisplayName" ="Localization Demo"; And add this for the Chinese Simplified version:12/* App Name */"CFBundleDisplayName" ="本地化示例"; NOTEIt’s important to use the file In the assistant editor, choose the localization you want to preview from the language pop-up menu in the lower-right corner. Once you've added, it will create the necessary string files in the appropriate lproj directories for the given language. --EDIT-- Just to be clear, iOS will swap out the string for I found that these two safeguards more than compensated for the fact that the generated strings file are really source code, since they contain essential information for ibtool to translate properly.

Use UI testing in Xcode 7. (22345571)NotesThe OpenSSL headers have been removed from the OS X v10.11 SDK. (21232069)OS X El Capitan no longer ships with genstrings. NOTE: This build contains new interprocedural analysis that allows the analyzer to find more complicated bugs that span function boundaries. How can I use translation string inside the plist file ? -- Update -- I already have a Localizable string. Add pod 'R.swift' to your Podfile and run pod install In Xcode: Click on your project in the file list, choose your target under TARGETS, click the Build Phases tab and

You’ll find this in the Resource section of the file templates. That's it. CocoaDocs.org is a project from Orta Therox & the CocoaPods team. Use Localized String in Code3.

checker-265 built: May 8, 2012 highlights: This release contains a fix for a major crasher introduced in checker-264, and various refinements to improve the precision and reduce the false positive rate Skip to content Ignore Learn more Please note that GitHub no longer supports old versions of Firefox. This is useful if you want to log user interaction with iRate. It’s silly that Xcode’s default is to have it first.) An excellent point which I do myself but forgot to mention.

Installation CocoaPods is the recommended way of installation, as this avoids including any binary files into your project. fixes to reduce false positives on dead stores and idempotent operations. Table of Contents Overview Jason Digital Nomad, Mac Developer 12 posts 2 categories RSS GitHub Twitter Weibo Links Toolinbox 1. This is enabled with the COPY_HEADERS_RUN_UNIFDEF build setting, and the flags to pass are controlled by the COPY_HEADERS_UNIFDEF_FLAGS build settings.

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