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Landro Longshot Not Working


Once the online code has been used and Landro has given your character the item, both the revealed promotion code and in-game code can no longer be used. Pêrl 2 Blood Elf Mage 0 1971 posts Pêrl Ignored Sep 19, 2013 (Edited) Copy URL View Post Can you go reply to it so that they see it's more than You will receive the full 25 digit promotion code only as we do not mail the physical cards. There, you will need to find a goblin by the name of Landro Longshot. Source

If they gave out a warning about this, and told people to refrain from turning in codes or not to worry, I wouldn't care nearly as much. Is a super-common loot card. I've copy and pasted, deleted wtf, cache, and interface folders. If you select the wrong item from his list, it will not accept your code.

Landro Longshot Not Working

Next, select the item for which you have the loot code. Can stack up to 250. Reply With Quote 2014-04-09,07:15 AM #18 xanzul View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message View Started Threads Legendary! When the loot card is found it replaces the Hero card in that booster pack.

Anyone negatively impacted by such an in-game transaction should contact an in-game GM and supply as much detail as possible about the event. Select the item from Landro's list of available promotions, and then enter the in-game code you wrote down. Useable at any level and therefore available for twinks. Complainining about it here or anywhere really isn't going to get it fixed for you. - - - Updated - - - So reopen the ticket and get the right one.

Western Union (WU) payment is required under any of the following conditions: Invoice contains a premium loot, PayPal daily limit of $500 reached, PayPal weekly limit of $550 reached, PayPal monthly Wow Tcg Redeem MMO-Champion » Forum » World of Warcraft » General Discussions » Warning about TCG codes and realm merges Thread: Warning about TCG codes and realm merges Thread Tools Show Printable Version UDE Points How does the UDE Points program work? You could've paid $300 for a pwetty mount and it's still only worth probably 25 cents of profit to blizzard, a multi-billion dollar company.

When I opened a ticket I got a response saying they MIGHT help me out (???) and give me new codes but it would take "some time". Log into the game with the character that is to receive the item and travel to Booty Bay in Stranglethorn Vale. Loot cards from US (printed in English) or EU packs (European languages) will work in either region as long as you select your correct region and realm on the Promotions Redemption Is the code typed correctly?

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Goodwill mentioned above allows regular customers to increase spending limits. Originally Posted by Shekora Goddamn it, Gimlix, why do you keep making these threads? Landro Longshot Not Working Loot codes do not expire, we continue to successfully redeem codes created as early as 2006. World Of Warcraft All codes bought need to be entered into one of Blizzard's websites for processing before being usable in-game which defines these codes as real-world.

Log in to join the conversation. http://trisystech.net/not-working/vq-hd1080-not-working.html It makes no sense because the online validation works and gives you the code to input into the game, but the game bugs out and won't give you the item. Of course it's going to take time, they have to come up with a fix... When I opened a ticket I got a response saying they MIGHT help me out (???) and give me new codes but it would take "some time". Wow Forums

Posts 7,082 I would be mad if i lost my TcG code for nothing, they are worth alot. BattleNet redemption loot are given to all your existing and newly created characters on redeemed account. About five weeks ago I bought a TCG code from wowtcgloot.com. have a peek here If the code you entered is incorrect, the page will appear to refresh.

I'm hated with Booty Bay, how can I talk to Landro? Goodwill is a dollar amount that represents a percentage of prior purchases. Click me!

There were some of you I needed additional information from and others I could not reply to just yet, but I will.

Log in to your valid World of Warcraft account. UDE Redemption. Two posts by Blizzard representatives within the one thread make it absolutely clear: post 1, and post 2. This ensures that your location matches where we think you are.

The promotional code can only be used on 1 realm and on 1 character. Turns out that Blizzard actually messed up and sent the wrong thing back so now I have to wait another week or two. Join Date Feb 2010 Posts 5,803 Originally Posted by xanzul Oh get over yourself. Check This Out After a few tickets, I find out that this is a known issue with realm connections.

Ask Landro about his promotions... Who can be given an item? What to check before committing to a listing? If you are particularly bold, you could use a Shiny Ditto.

Useable at any level and therefore available for twinks. I put in a GM ticket and got the item within a couple of days. I put in a GM ticket and got the item within a couple of days. Attempting to redeem the code through the Item Redemption Page in Battle.net Account Management will produce an error.

We list the lowest prices of booster boxes currently on the market, see "Expansions" in the side menu. These codes were worth 100 points each and were redeemable by entering the codes at the designated UDE points page. High level characters can simply negotiate around the aggro radius of guards and time their visit with Landro while the guards are not nearby. Do you sell these items for gold in-game?

Good Luck.Jal Top Cyntaria Posts: 26Joined: March 31st, 2013 Pet Score: 4636 Realm: Windrunner-US arcraftPets Profile: Cyntaria Reply with quote Re: TCG problem by Cyntaria » August 17th, 2014, 7:58 Post a reply 14 posts • Page 1 of 1 Avalee Posts: 145Joined: March 5th, 2012 Pet Score: 4278 Realm: Earthen Ring-EU arcraftPets Profile: Avalee Reply with quote TCG problem To earn credit enemies must be capable of giving experience / honor, i.e. But as long as I do actually get the items, I won't QQ too much.

Methods of receiving UDE loot? What does a Starter Deck contain? Fur color is royal purple. Cookie Disclaimer Blizzard Entertainment uses cookies and similar technologies on its websites.