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Wow Mouseover Macro Not Working


Details actionbar:1/.../6 The default UI provides a number of action bar pages. Empty conditions Edit Sometimes you may want a command to cast on a particular target under certain circumstances but behave like normal if those conditions aren't true. Do not use this as part of the macro, only for testing: /run print(UnitCreatureFamily("pet")) talent:/ This conditional evaluates as true if the talent from the specified row and column is active. If you have a focus, [@focus, exists] would be true. http://trisystech.net/not-working/wow-macro-shift-modifier-not-working.html

Some of these commands may seem a bit pointless at first glance, but when you combine them with the macro options from Part II, they can perform some neat tricks. As an example, here is the macro you can use for mounting: #show Swift Green Mechanostrider /userandom [nobutton:2, flyable, nomounted] Ebon Gryphon; [nomounted] Black Battlestrider, Swift Green Mechanostrider /dismount [noflying] [button:2] General macros are stored on an account-by-account basis and are shared by all your characters. Many of these can be checked for falseness instead of trueness.

Wow Mouseover Macro Not Working

Other targeting commands Here is a brief overview of the other targeting commands: /assist By itself, assist targets your target's target (e.g. Put as much of it as you can in one macro and end it with the following line: /click MultiBarRightButton1 The rest of the code would go into a new macro This section starts with what you can't do because you shouldn't to get your hopes up.

The Default Unit is the unit that will be sent to the command if you don't provide one. You can take advantage of this scripting system in a macro with the /run command (equivalent to /script--I use /run to save a few characters). Would you like the macro to address that possibility too? Saving a target for later action The /focus command allows you to save a target to come back to later.

A full treatment of Lua and programming in general is well beyond the scope of this document. Wow Macro Guide I got it from some google search. Please enable JavaScript in your browser. This determines whether your target is someone you can cast beneficial spells on.

A list of possible values may be found on that page. For example, a Death Knight without the Horn of Winter minor glyph cannot cast Horn of Winter if a glyphed version of the buff is already on them (from another Death If the [help] is true, it then casts Renew and the macro moves to the next line. If either of those are unbound, then shift and alt will work just as well).

Wow Macro Guide

group:party/raidEdit This lets you determine whether you are in the given group type. [group] is equivalent to [group:party]. [group:raid] implies [group:party]. Enter /cast, the most common command you will see in macros. Wow Mouseover Macro Not Working Shattered Halls / Sunstrider et al. Example: /cast Furious Howl /stopcasting /cast Blood Fury /stopcasting /cast Call of the Wild Note that since patch 2.3, this is no longer necessary.

channeling: — Player is channeling the given spell. this contact form If you want to spam such a macro without toggling the ability immediately off, prefix its name with an exclamation mark. /cast!Stealth /cast!Mass Dispel /cast!Shoot Macro option applications Edit Many of In fact, if you choose the question mark icon I mentioned earlier, the action bar will even show the icon for SW:P. "Ho, hum," you might be thinking... NO POLITICS.

Controlling Feedback and Question mark icon () with #showEdit By default, WoW uses the first spell or item that appears in a macro to show cooldown, range, and availability feedback on These pages only affect the lower left action bar that is visible by default. Example: /petautocasttoggle Fire Breath This will turn the auto-cast on if it is currently off, or off if it is current on, which can entirely replace the former command depending on http://trisystech.net/not-working/macro-enabled-excel-file-not-opening.html Write spells and items just like you see in their tooltips.

Under more ideal circumstances, that code would look more like: for i = 1, GetNumRaidMembers() - 1 do local unit = "raid"..i if UnitIsUnit(unit.."target", "target") then SendChatMessage("Change targets! Example: /castrandom Swift Green Mechanostrider, Black Battlestrider, Summon Dreadsteed Attacking Change your target to unit and start auto-attacking. /startattack Cogwheel Stop auto-attacking. /stopattack Action bar manipulation There are two commands that Otherwise it will cast Greater Heal.

You've seen a few simple examples recently, but there's still a bit more to cover.

flying — Mounted or in flight form AND in the air. Luckily, you can make macros that respond to different action bar pages and place them on the other action bars. Everything up until this point was working and making pretty decent sense. WoW will still use whichever spell it was choosing before, but it will now show the tooltip info for that spell/item.

On a Warlock, for instance, the following macro can be used: /stopcasting /cast Shadowburn Halting a macro early /stopmacro is one of those commands that doesn't really come into its own Using the game's focus unitframe, they would then have a frame devoted to their main tank that they could easily use for healing. Note that when using /equipslot, you must respecify the slot for each set of conditionals. Check This Out You can bind the following macro by a key and then run it while your mouse over the frame in question: /run local f = GetMouseFocus(); if f then DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage(f:GetName()) end

This is not incredibly useful most of the time (especially if you use an addon like TheoryCraft to give you detailed spell information in tooltips). So a Druid with Bear, Aquatic, Cat, and Travel forms would have stances 1 through 4. If there are no conditions in a clause, it will always be true. I will be providing some real-world examples using actual options.

There is a joke about Kevin Bacon involving a macro like: /target targettargettargettargettargettarget UnitId has a full list of allowed IDs. The [channeling] conditional only applies to spells like [Arcane Missiles], [Drain Life], [Mind Flay], etc., where the spell must be channeled to apply its effect over time. General options syntaxEdit All slash commands basically work the same way. Focus Target sets your focus to whatever you are currently targeting (it will clear your focus if you have nothing targeted).

There is a bit of good news, though. If the name is spelled wrong or that unit is not near you, your target will not be changed. /targetlasttarget, /targetlastfriend, /targetlastenemy As the names suggest, these commands will target your The fourth is needed because /target focus doesn't clear your target if you have no current focus (without it, the fifth line would then retrieve your previous target). However, /use will actually 'right click' the item.

In this case you will want to use an empty set of conditions which will always evaluate to true. If you need even more specific control over modifiers, you can specify right and left versions of control, shift, and alt by adding "l" or "r" to the modifier. Target Focus will, as you might guess, target the entity you have focused. My addon, MacroTalk, adds a number of /opt___ commands for each chat command and a generic /opt command that lets you use options to choose other full (insecure) slash commands.