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X10 Stopped Working


It's most likely due to a device near the AC outlet degrading the X10 transmission or generating noise. I tried unplugging them one by one and eventually discovered that when one of the new nightlights was plugged into a plug circuit that had X10 modules installed on it, the Thanks! Why does my Non-dimming Wall Switch Module turn on but not off? http://trisystech.net/not-working/computer-fan-stopped-working.html

However, if you're only having problems with HomeVision receiving X10 signals from other devices, you should try the following test. See Figure 3. Turn off as many appliances and lights (especially florescent and ballasted halogen) as possible. There is a circuit in the Module which detects this change in load and interprets it as a request to turn on.

X10 Stopped Working

I also use the ActiveHome PRO CM15A. Does it blink? You could also use the Leviton 6385 to transmit the signals and the Leviton 6386 to measure the signal strength. If you are having problems with some outlets, try unplugging everything from that specific circuit.

However, the effect of multiple sources of noise altogether can make control less reliable. This 240 volt line powers things that need a lot of electricty, like your washing machine and hot water heater. An X10 signal transmitted on one phase will partially couple to the other at the breaker panel, but the signal may be weakened. X10 Pro Manual More Products Feature Your Product Sponsors Promote Your Company Join our bi-weekly newsletter list.

Be a world saver.Please don't PM with questions that can be asked in a forum tabakmd Starting Member USA 12 Posts Posted-03/17/2013: 5:56:17 PM stusviewsHey, that's the year I Then as soon as the appliance is turned off, the signals stop working again. This means HomeVision is repeating the transmission because it knows the first transmission failed. An alternative is to plug a radio into the module.

Try this test while transmitting from different locations. X10 Signal Strength Meter This aftershave makes me look fat. Edited by - dave w on 03/03/2013 2:52:48 PM tabakmd Starting Member USA 12 Posts Posted-03/03/2013: 4:53:27 PM dave wThanks for your If you can't do this, you can add a signal attenuator (Leviton 6285) to the breaker panel to reduce the incoming signal. For example, the Controller controls some lights but not others or controls some lights intermittently.

X10 Wall Switch Not Working

This page has been accessed 74,046 times. If not, unplug everything on those two circuits and see if that helps. X10 Stopped Working I even discovered that moving the nightlight to one of the other plus in that circuit enabled the X10 modules to work again. X10 Appliance Module Troubleshooting If you have a signal strength problem, the only practical solution is to use an X10 signal "repeater".

Hopefully this information will help you resolve the problem as quickly and painlessly as possible. http://trisystech.net/not-working/wordpress-drop-down-menu-stopped-working.html Ihave already designed and built my own replacement, the only remaining question is whether to write my own interface software (I hate programming PC) or figure out the USB code generated In this situation, the problem lies in one of four places: The HomeVision controller. For example, use the Leviton 6299, ACT CP000, or X10 Pro XPCP couplers, which mount inside your breaker box. X10 Noise Filter

The best way to do this is to include some serial transmission commands after the X10 command. This is an acceptable method of determining whether or not a signal bridge or passive coupler will solve the problem but should only be used as a troubleshooting guide. With X10 who knows.JV Digital Engineering makes some great X10 Repeaters, Boosters and X10 Test Meters.I have an XTB-IIR coupler repeater that blasts over a 10 volt X10 signal on the this contact form If the TW-523 module's LED won't blink from anywhere in your house when transmitting X10 signals, we'd suggest you take it to a neighbor's house and try it.

Light ON commands 100% turn-on which means very little noise is added to the power lines. X10 Appliance Module Schematic If the signal becomes too low as you move away from the transmitter, you know you have a signal strength problem. Clearly there isn't a coupling problem since the entire system worked properly before & the two new switches are being properly "turned on".

X10 Reception Problem Repeated Transmissions Note When transmitting an X10 signal during your troubleshooting, you may notice the green HomeVision "X10 TX" LED blinking four or more times.

It is, therefore, suggested that the Controller and all Modules to be controlled by that Controller be on the same phase. Although the XPS3 and the WS13A can safely be used to control any type of load, if the load produces too much powerline noise, it can prevent the wall switch from There's a very odd X10 signal problem in your home. X10 Powerhouse Troubleshooting Close Window More Automation, Security & A/V Systems Industry Resources Contact Info Bloggers & Associate Authors Privacy & Refund Policy Advertise Subscribe | Search | Promote Products | Feature Your Company

This would result in lights on AC phases opposite HomeVision not dimming or brightening as much as lights on the same phase. DON'T leave a wireless intercom or baby monitor in the permanent transmit (or talk) mode. In general, we've found that homes over 2500 square feet often have this problem, while those under 2000 typically don't (of course, there are always exceptions). navigate here And sure enough, everything has worked perfectly ever since.

When the Module is on, the appliance and night light will be on. This site has good troubleshooting.http://jvde.us/x10_troubleshooting.htmAnd not to short Smarthome, but you might look at the XTBIIR and XTBM while at the site if you intend on keeping X10, otherwise Insteon would I'm sure for every problem I solved there are people with opposite experienc. A passive coupler is less expensive, but an active repeater has the advantage that it also amplifies the signal.

Unfortunately, they are known to have several problems. Major problems: X10 never works 2. If both houses are on the same pole transformer, it is possible for signals to couple from one house to another. .If the problem persists, it is possible that the Controller I think it's a bit of a crap shoot no matter what you do.

So how do we troubleshoot these? This could cause damage to the Module and/or the light/appliance. (Do - get Appliance modules for appliances.) DON'T Use a Wall Switch Module to control an outlet unless you are sure Another option is to turn on the software's logging capability so that all serial messages are written to a text file. It is also possible to purchase a filter for your house wiring to block incoming X10 signals from a neighbor's house from X10; this generally requires installation from a professional electrician.

I've tried many different things but found that the passive phase coupler together with BoosterLinc works best - it's usually dimming that gets screwed up with an active coupler. It might also couple through a 220V appliance while it's operating.