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Thanks, Karl Information forwarded to [email protected], Debian QA Group : Bug#427626; Package x11vnc. Normally they will install into /usr/local but you can install them anywhere with the --prefix=/path/to/anywhere, etc. If you specify -scale_cursor the cursor will be scaled by that factor. su_verify()), you can run x11vnc as root and use -unixpw_nis.

If x11vnc is running as root (e.g. This way you don't need to figure out the WxH+X+Y of the desired xinerama sub-screen. it is difficult to emulate a full-duplex TCP connection with them.) See also the Firewalls/Routers discussion and Reverse Connection Proxy discussion. It will be rejected for any other return status.

X11vnc View Only

Message #25 received at [email protected] (full text, mbox, reply): From: maybeway36 To: [email protected] Date: Sat, 22 Sep 2007 17:36:12 -0500 I'm using Debian sid with the xserver-xorg from Debian etch If a list of allowed users is needed to limit who can log in, use -unixpw [list] in addition to this option. Run xdpyinfo(1) for the values. Copy sent to Debian QA Group .

To make sure X11 permissions are the problem do this simple test: while sitting at the physical X display open a terminal window (gnome-terminal, xterm, etc.) You should be able to This is to try to avoid x11vnc being killed after the user logs in if the GDM KillInitClients=true is in effect. Thanks. X0vncserver Adv Reply September 13th, 2009 #3 linuxbrother11 View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message 5 Cups of Ubuntu Join Date Apr 2009 Beans 26 Re: cannot use mouse or keybord

Alias for -display WAIT:cmd=FINDCREATEDISPLAY-Xvfb.xdmcp -unixpw -users unixpw= -ssl SAVE Also "-xdm_service". The first line of its stdin will be the username and the second line the received password. Q-84: In XFIXES mode, are there any hacks to handle cursor transparency ("alpha channel") exactly? [Mouse Pointer] Q-85: Why does the mouse arrow just stay in one corner in my vncviewer, The x11vnc package is the subset of the libvncserver package needed to build the x11vnc program.

If that works OK then you know X11 permissions are the only thing preventing it from working when you try to start x11vnc via a remote shell. Turbovnc A simple example script, assuming no problems with port 5900 being taken on the local or remote sides, looks like: !/bin/sh usage: x11vnc_ssh : e.g.: x11vnc_ssh snoopy.peanuts.com:0 ([email protected]:N also works) host=echo Of course if you already have the x11vnc running waiting for connections (or have it started out of inetd(8)), you can simply use the TightVNC "vncviewer -via gateway host:port" in its more stack exchange communities company blog Stack Exchange Inbox Reputation and Badges sign up log in tour help Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed

X11vnc Options

Use something like "$HOME/.cups/client.conf2" to cut down on the polling rate. Therefore if it does not exist in your 'userdata' folder, you must create it. X11vnc View Only See the -vencrypt and -anontls options for additional control. Vnc Viewer Keyboard Not Working Q-92: When typing I sometimes get double, triple, or more of my keystrokes repeated.

Note: if a -display occurs later on the command line it will override the -create setting. change defaults, create a smaller binary, etc? VT is the Linux virtual terminal of the X server. -listdpy Have the FINDDISPLAY program list all of your displays (i.e. If nothing is printed out, that means no XAUTHORITY was found for 'disp'; i.e. Vnc Viewer Mouse Pointer Problem

And why doesn't it allow more than one VNC viewer to connect at the same time? If the user supplied command is prefixed with something like "yes:0,no:*,view:3 mycommand ..." then this associates the numerical command return code with the actions: accept, reject, and accept-view-only, respectively. Hot Network Questions awk system call with inverted effect Why do solar planes have many small propellers instead of fewer large ones? Q-6: Where can I get a VNC Viewer binary (or source code) for the Operating System I will be viewing from?

Nearly all free webspace sites, e.g. Vnc4server If there problems connecting to IPv6 hosts consider a relay like the included inet6to4 script. -vncconnect, -novncconnect Monitor the VNC_CONNECT X property set by the standard VNC program vncconnect(1). n indicates the shift to be applied to the pixel values.

X11VNC_SYSTEM_GREETER1=true for a 1 line message in a larger font.

created via socketpair(2) with -inetd, then you must supply the generic name x11vnc gives to it, e.g. -allow,UNNAMED_AF_UNIX In both cases it must be an exact string match to be An x11vnc built this way will be only barely usable. This usage could use useful: -svc -bg -loopbg -timeout n Exit unless a client connects within the first n seconds after startup. Tigervnc Q-116: Can I connect via VNC to a Qt-embedded/Qt-enhanced/Qtopia application running on my handheld, cell phone, or PC using the Linux console framebuffer (i.e.

Similarly, RFB_SERVER_IP and RFB_SERVER_PORT (the x11vnc side of the connection), are set to allow identification of the tcp virtual circuit. Most web servers are not configured to do this, so you would need to ask the admin to do this for you. That should succeed without failure. Q-118: Now that non-X11 devices can be exported via VNC using x11vnc, can I build it with no dependencies on X11 header files and libraries?

more hot questions question feed about us tour help blog chat data legal privacy policy work here advertising info mobile contact us feedback Technology Life / Arts Culture / Recreation Science XDM/GDM/KDM: if you are running x11vnc as root and want to find the XAUTHORITY before anyone has logged into an X session yet, use: x11vnc -env FD_XDM=1 -findauth ... (This will So you shouldn't need to use KillInitClients=false as long as you log in quickly enough (within 45 seconds of connecting.) You can disable this by setting X11VNC_AVOID_WINDOWS=never. Nov 14, 2015 README Add README.md and add TravisCI status badge.

This is probably the problem with the opengl based beryl window manager and the XDAMAGE extension described here: http://www.karlrunge.com/x11vnc/#faq-beryl Could you verify that this is the problem you are seeing? If you can do it, this will save you a lot of grief WRT colors and x11vnc (and for general usage too!) Here is how I do this on an old